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Monthly Archives: March 2011


Off to a Good Start

Monday’s initial men’s heat was a rough one for the Tatitos. We brought a half dozen riders, including a few first timers. I really wasn’t sure what to expect, and simply instructed the crew to ride conservatively and try not to get dropped. Our Cat 4s, Davis and Andrew, rode respectably – in the first [...]

One Down

A few of our new and improved Women’s Cat 4 squad showed up at the Joliet Autobahn for thirty-five minutes of racing on a cold, wet, and blustery morning. They were each sporting new orange wool Team TATI jerseys and matching wrist cuffs knitted by Kristina Young. There were a couple of spills in the [...]

Earthquake Fundraiser

Let’s raise some money for Médecins Sans Frontières and the Red Cross. When: Wednesday Night, 6-9pm. Where: TATI, 1013 E. 53rd St. What: Come by and listen to some Pizzicato 5, eat some onigiri, spend some money on cool bike gear. 100% of the gross proceeds will be donated. Everything in the shop will be [...]

March Madness

According to my calendar and thermometer, Spring is yet a few weeks away – but according to my inbox and workload, it hit last week.     Wheels are rolling out of the shop at breakneck pace, and we’re queueing up the first marathon tubular gluing session of the year.   KCNC has sent along a few [...]