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Monthly Archives: September 2011


The Gents.

Although our cyclocross participation rate is twice that of road, we’re looking forward to developing a fresh crop of novice road racers for 2012. Interested parties should plan on racing at least twelve times over the course of the season, have a schedule flexible enough to allow for group training, and bring an open mind [...]

Finding My Religion

Freshman year in high school is rarely a bowl of cherries, and mine was no exception. And so that summer, I buried myself in bicycles: racing, repairing, reading, and recovering. It was my third year racing, which according to my coach (and Eddie B. and all the other Gods of European Cycling) was the year [...]


Cross bikes might seem like a niche product, and they are. But here’s proof that with a little ingenuity and a lot of degreaser, you can literally turn a pile of junk into a perfectly functional racing rig. 70%: Dumpster finds. 10%: Second hand. 10%: Third hand. 10%: Abandoned in the basement.