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Monthly Archives: February 2012


The Double Paceline

This morning, after a thoroughly enlightening meeting over coffee with Lou Kuhn of The Pony Shop, I staggered back to Hyde Park for an atypically busy morning in Tativille. First up was a chat with a young woman planning a solo bicycle tour through the Andes mountains. We spent the bulk of our time discussing volcanoes (“I’m an [...]

Road 2012

Our target events: MARCH Barry Roubaix Gaper’s Block Crits The Lowell 50 APRIL Battenkill Hillsboro Roubaix Leland Kermesse xXx Lincoln Park Crit MAY Tour de Champaign/Urbana Grand Prix Monsters of the Midway West Michigan Stage Race Tour de Great Midwest JUNE Tour of the North Shore Tour de Galena Tour of America’s Dairyland JULY Snooperweek [...]