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Monthly Archives: March 2012


Shaping a Season

The merry band of misfits is back at it, returning to the road in a few weeks: a wave of orange wool and cobbled together steel bikes rolling on old thirty year old tubulars ready to wreak havoc on the Chicagoland racing scene. As usual, Team TATI’s turnover is around 40%, which can be both [...]


I’m pretty much snooper chuffed that we’ve had 121 racers participate in the Calumet Practice Crits so far this year. And among them, 24 had never before raced. Plus we’re seeing about 20% ladies, which is more than double the rate at a typical Chicagoland race. And so now we’ve had partipants between the ages [...]

As the World Turns.

As anyone who has visited the shop knows. Tativille is the kind of place that doesn’t make a lot of sense. Maybe it shouldn’t exist in Hyde Park, or in Chicago, or in 2012, or in this particular time-space continuum. It’s a bike shop sans bikes, a retail establishment without a cash register, a service [...]

Everything’s Gonna Be All Right Now

Some pretty neat things happened this week. The Gaper’s Block Crits sold out in less than 48 hours. Including the Women’s Race. Which is totes cray. After 2.5 years of working on it, we now have official team silk squares (above) on the way. Better schedule a clinic on how to tie them, STAT. Collegiate racing started, [...]