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Monthly Archives: April 2012


2013 Catalog

BIDONS & CAGES Elite Ciussi, $20 New Ultimate, $60 Nitto R/T, $60 Tacx Tao, $20 TATI Bidons, $7 PUMPS & TIRES Lezyne Road Drive, $45 Lezyne Road Drive CFH, $65 Lezyne Classic Floor Drive, $70 Tanaka Pump Heads, $50 Silca Superpista, $90 TIRES Challenge Criterium 22c, $110 Schwalbe Durano HT 22c, $98 Schwalbe Lugano T [...]

Roubaix Season

Tatitos bum rushed the show at Battenkill and Hillsboro today. As usual for our novice squad, most were experiencing their very first road race. There were cobbles. There was deep, loose gravel. There was pouring rain. There were crashes. There were stitches. And there were attacks. And more attacks. There were scuttled plans, improvisation, suffering, [...]

Sometimes a Schleck is Just a Schleck

Ever since the photo of Andy Schleck in his national champion flavored Radioshack-Nissan kit was released, it bothered me. The design itself was appealing enough, clean and simple and structured as it is. No, it was a nagging image buried somewhere in my brain, just one more piece of cycling ephemera buried under layers and [...]

To Raise a Ruckus.

I get needled a lot for my antiquated, contrarian ways. If I had my way every novice racer would be rolling 32h 3x wheels and a practical steel frame, so when the inevitable crashes occur, life would go on without a hitch. But you know, that’s just not the world we live in. In fact, [...]