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Monthly Archives: December 2012


Serge Teaser

After five years of experimenting with the platform, Serge is ready for prime time and will be productized for 2013. Serge is a super Zef carbon road racing bike manufactured in Taiwan, assembled right here in Chicago, and hand painted to perfection down the road by Chester Cycles. It’s the latest model in the TATI Signature [...]

Mon Petit Malaise

Among the many stupid things I did in college in order to catch a cutie’s eye was read Émile Zola. My neighbor was signed up for a French lit class that included “Au Bonheur des Dames”, and, you know, in order to seem worldly and exude an effortless savoir faire, I figured one day that [...]

Pizza Boxes

Last week I finished up a some wheels for a new customer. He’d been pretty clear about what he wanted: Tune to 32h TB25s. In fact, he wanted two identical sets of these wheels. Both sets would get silver CX Rays and Veloflex Arenbergs. And brass nipples. The interesting thing was that the entire order [...]

Mauvaise Foi

She’s no Henri, but my cat is certainly more in tune with French existentialism than most folks I know. She sees right through my fragile facade, and knows full well that, like the rest of the merchant class, I’m resigned to lead an inauthentic life and to forever suffer under the weight of mauvaise foi. Few [...]

Remembrance of Things Dugast

Among the things I’ve learned in my years in Chicago: Road tubulars don’t corner all that well on black ice, even tenured classics professors can be fans of professional football, and you simply cannot find a decent madeleine in our fair city.A few days ago - you’ll remember it, it’s the one where the mercury [...]