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Monthly Archives: April 2013



It turns out, in fact, that moving the shop 2km northeast changes just about everything. Being across the street from Heritage is one thing. But being on a block with five yoga studios, well, that’s another thing altogether. Or maybe not. In fact, with each passing day, I think it might actually be the same thing. Over [...]

NAHBS 2014 Report

I was excited to visit Charlotte for the North American Handbuilt Bicycle Show. I’d last spent time in the beautiful city, also know as the Hornet’s Nest, in the mid 1990s. It was in the early autumn, and I remember very little beyond longing to join my friends on a couple of long rides out of [...]

Red Hook Crit 7 Report

“You’re just going to Red Hook to escape our nightmarish weather.” I would have partially agreed with that statement, at least before being greeted by three straight days of rain in Brooklyn. The conditions were blustery, wet, and grey - but none of that could dampen the Tatito spirit. In all, a dozen (or was [...]