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Monthly Archives: July 2013



I was thinking the other day about how it feels like decades ago that I took that business logistics class. I don’t recall whether or not it was a required course in my engineering program, but I do recall that its lecture was at nine o’clock in the morning, which meant that more often than [...]

An Idli Mind Is the Devil’s Workshop

So there I was: fifteen years old, sleeping in Grand Central Station with a 1978 Zeus Criterium, a smelly knapsack, and eleven dollars to my name. For three days, I’d wandered around Manhattan, exploring bookstores, bumming cigarettes, and trying to find a lift to Ithaca. I needed to get to Ithaca because, according to my careworn [...]

Life Begins on the Other Side of Despair

’m not really sure what’s fashionable these days for introverted, Europhilic wanna-be teenage bike racers. But at 14, I’d have to rank Gitanes, bulemia, drillium, Bauhaus (the band, not the movement) and Jean-Paul Sartre as my greatest interests. Of course at 14, I knew nothing in general, and even less about French philosophy, but that hardly [...]