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Monthly Archives: December 2013


Flavor Crystals

My grandfather’s life afforded few luxuries, save for one, at least in his mind. Instead of beginning each morning with a generic cuppa joe, he’d carefully brew what he believed to be, for only a few pennies more, an affordable peek into the lives of the rich and famous: Folgers. I worked with him at the [...]

Bilenky Junkyard Cross & SSCXWC 2013

A bunch of Tatitos converged on the lovely city of Philadelphia a few weeks back for two action-packed days of some of the most absurd cyclocross racing in North America: BilenkyJunkyard Cross and SSCXWC. The promoters, the competitors, the weather, the bikes, and the city did not disappoint. Of course, Philadelphia has more to offer than just [...]

Field Zef

TATIPRIX is launching next month. It’s going to be totally sick and totally incorrect. Here’s a preview. TATIPRIX BUNDLE #001: “Field Zef” CONTENTS: (1) 140ml TUB of ASSOS CHAMOIS CREME (2) TATIPRIX BUTYL INNER TUBES in PROTECTIVE VELVET SATCHELS (3) MUSA FIELD NOTES NOTEBOOKS, GRAPH PAPER That’s 6 timeless and classic Zef objects, delivered rapidly [...]