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Monthly Archives: March 2014


Rockefeller Chapel

Many in the audience stayed, long after the lecture had ended. Throughout the chapel and spilling into the foyer, small clusters huddled together and parsed Dr. Cornell West’s words. I was still trying to wrap my head around the part where he wove together quotes from Thelonious Monk, Emily Dickinson, and Michel Foucault on the [...]

Mavic and Me

The Mavic brand meant a lot more in simpler times. Like a lot of folks, I guess I fell off the Mavic wagon somewhere after the MA40 and before the Helium… but the ride was already getting pretty bumpy years earlier. As a junior, I raced exclusively on a pair of hand-me-down 36h GEL280/330s. They [...]

Ten Grams and Ten Years

“I heard you’re trying to build more wheels than any other shop in Chicago.” he said. I shrugged. “Where did you hear that?” “Um… you know, around. Maybe on Facebook.” “And you believe everything your read on Facebook? There were four neatly arranged piles of metal on the coffee table between us. And a digital [...]

The Horror

That summer, Francis Ford Coppola’s Apocalypse Now had been released, and being a die-hard Joseph Conrad fan with a prematurely dim view of humanity, I was keen to sneak into the neighborhood theater for a viewing. Sam and I were still smarting from being unceremoniously tossed from said theater a few months earlier, having purchased tickets for Breaking [...]

Hoop Dreams

Where to begin, with wheels? Maybe at this point, it’s less important to recap the past, than to consider the present. And the present isn’t so bad. We’re now two decades into the era of widely available, factory built “wheel systems,” and it’s difficult to argue the fact that wheels have become lighter, stiffer, and [...]

$1 Fits

We now live in the age of the $400 fit session. Let that sink in. There is a lot to cover, and a lot to talk about, when it comes to the business and science of properly fitted bicycles. But there are plenty of places to read about all of that, and how we have [...]