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Monthly Archives: June 2014


Fondo. Fixed. Winfield.

Riding home from work the other day along Lake Michigan, I came upon not one, but two organized cyclocross practices. For the past several years, the #CX365 meme has been a bit of a joke, but if these mid-June scrimmages are any indication, it has become the New Normal here in our little corner of [...]

What Not to Wear

Yesterday I rode with a friend who, as a sneakerhead in the 90s, spent tens of thousands of dollars and countless hours collecting and cataloging and agonizing over an assortment of rubber and pleather shoes. He’d photograph and document each pair, but only actually wear a fraction of them, and only then when he was [...]


As we transition into the second half of the road season here in Chicago, the all-too-predictable malaise has set in. Be it burnout, boredom, or the ever-popular “real life beckons”… the excitement and buzz that percolated in early spring (despite, or perhaps because of the frigid temperatures and treacherously icy roads), resulting in very strong [...]

Season Pass Promotion

It’s shocking to me now, to think about my own introduction to the sport and practice of cyclocross, that it has been not one decade, but many. The stunted, nostalgic part of my brain tells me that little has changed, but my eyes and ears and social media sixth sense say otherwise. The other day, [...]