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Monthly Archives: July 2014



For a ne’er do well like my adolescent self, it was sometimes difficult to see, let alone access, pathways to happiness. And while bicycle racing certainly brought more pain and suffering than joy to my life, it did offer a structure and discipline that would prove useful far beyond the peloton. Cycling was a way [...]


Can’t wait to introduce this season’s merry band of young shredders to some of the best events around the country. Tatito cyclocross is brought to you by: #hobocycling Haribo Host housing couches. And floors. And basements. And attics. Amtrak Pernod Mastik Postdocs 5bling Homemade Nutella embrocation. Army Surplus wool socks Uniqlo base layers Fourth hand [...]

We’re Dinosaurs

Mang, I didn’t expect quite the response to yesterday’s article about the changes in local road racing. Several folks were pretty bummed at what they perceived to be a bummerville attitude about amateur road racing. But I think they’re misreading the message. Road isn’t going to die. It’s just getting smaller (again) and the folks [...]

Le Week-End

It wasn’t that long ago that one wouldn’t really have to ask roadie friends what their weekend plans are in mid-July. But this is a new day, and I’ve learned that the old rules and the old calendar don’t really dictate “the season” any more. And that’s OK. That there is very little consensus about [...]

Koh-I-Noor 5611

I was on a ride a few weeks ago, a long and circuitous ride, with a couple of guys I knew and a couple of guys I didn’t know. Thankfully for me, it was at recovery pace for the crew, and so I was able to hang on. I miss rides like this: several hours [...]

The Best Factory-Built CX Racing Bike On The Market

It’s been five years now since Focus entered the North American market, leading at the time with a Team Milram sponsorship, no bikes under 52cm, and a website almost entirely in German. This little shop was the first to introduce the marquee to Chicagoland, and one of the only non-chain stores in the country to focus [...]

Carnac the Magnificent

I was fitting a young man to his flash new Specialized Crux the other day when I noticed that he had a wobble in his left ankle, right at the bottom of his pedal stroke. “Have you sprained your left ankle before?” I asked. “I actually broke it in college playing rugby.” he said. “It [...]

Favorite Things

80s Novelists: Kathy Acker Advertisements: Clément Tires, 1985 Aftermarket Chainrings: TA Animals: Cats Base Layers: Uniqlo Airism Bib Shorts: Search & State Bidons: Found in Pro Feed Zones Bottom Bracket Standards: BSA Cablesets: Yokozuna Cages: Nitto Type T Cinematic Schools: Dogme 95 Contemporary Actors: Tilda Swinton Cyclocross Professionals’ Blog: Sanne van Paassen Drivetrains: Campagnolo Athena [...]

Too Much Zymol

Despite the summer storms we’ve been experiencing over the past few weeks, I’ve lately been working out on the Lincoln Avenue sidewalk. In my mind, I’m a regular Natividad Zirate, but without the bare chest. It’s nice to work outside, even if there are cars whipping by all day. It’s nice to work outside, because I [...]

Preseason Cyclocross Service Pass

As anyone who works in a shop in these parts knows, cross is the new crush, and it hits earlier and earlier every year. Tubular wheels are already being dropped off for fresh glue and tires. Folks are ordering new bikes in June instead of August. And organized weekday practices are dotting the lakefront. One of the [...]