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Flavor Crystals

My grandfather’s life afforded few luxuries, save for one, at least in his mind. Instead of beginning each morning with a generic cuppa joe, he’d carefully brew what he believed to be, for only a few pennies more, an affordable peek into the lives of the rich and famous: Folgers. I worked with him at the [...]

Bilenky Junkyard Cross & SSCXWC 2013

A bunch of Tatitos converged on the lovely city of Philadelphia a few weeks back for two action-packed days of some of the most absurd cyclocross racing in North America: BilenkyJunkyard Cross and SSCXWC. The promoters, the competitors, the weather, the bikes, and the city did not disappoint. Of course, Philadelphia has more to offer than just [...]

Field Zef

TATIPRIX is launching next month. It’s going to be totally sick and totally incorrect. Here’s a preview. TATIPRIX BUNDLE #001: “Field Zef” CONTENTS: (1) 140ml TUB of ASSOS CHAMOIS CREME (2) TATIPRIX BUTYL INNER TUBES in PROTECTIVE VELVET SATCHELS (3) MUSA FIELD NOTES NOTEBOOKS, GRAPH PAPER That’s 6 timeless and classic Zef objects, delivered rapidly [...]

Cincy3 UCI Weekend

Graeter’s Ice Cream. model train stores. Duttenhofer’s. Spencer Petrov. gheto.cx. Cross After Dark. Quatman Cafe. Blue Wisp Jazz. Sidewinder Coffee. Swallow Bicycle Works. Katerina Nash. Lombardo. Jungle Jim’s. Taft Museum. Sitwells.

Autumn Service Specialz

Since I’m too stupid to figure out how Groupon works, and since I’m a lemming when it comes to wielding discounts as a marketing tool, I decided to create my own off season service promotions. ABOUT THE TATIVILLE SERVICE COURSE Huffing glue and Campagnolo-certified since 1978. Yes, you can go take your ($8,500 or $850 [...]

Go Buy a Bike. Somewhere Else.

So you’re thinking about getting into this cyclocross thing, or maybe you already are, and are thinking about a new bike. Here’s the Tativille perspective. #realtalk Let’s get something out of the way right now. If you’re reading this, it means you’re probably not a professionally sponsored cyclocross racer, and you’ll be buying your own [...]

2013 Tativille Cyclocross Frame Catalog

SSCX, FGCX, and Campagnolo builds only. Every bike is professionally built to order and includes a dynamic fit session, a highly invasive interview process & moto brake routing. Model Material Source Price Lead Time Bob Jackson Steel UK $900 8 Weeks Calfee CX Carbon USA $2500+ 12 Weeks Cherubim CX Steel Japan $2500+ 16 Weeks [...]


I was thinking the other day about how it feels like decades ago that I took that business logistics class. I don’t recall whether or not it was a required course in my engineering program, but I do recall that its lecture was at nine o’clock in the morning, which meant that more often than [...]

An Idli Mind Is the Devil’s Workshop

So there I was: fifteen years old, sleeping in Grand Central Station with a 1978 Zeus Criterium, a smelly knapsack, and eleven dollars to my name. For three days, I’d wandered around Manhattan, exploring bookstores, bumming cigarettes, and trying to find a lift to Ithaca. I needed to get to Ithaca because, according to my careworn [...]