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Life Begins on the Other Side of Despair

’m not really sure what’s fashionable these days for introverted, Europhilic wanna-be teenage bike racers. But at 14, I’d have to rank Gitanes, bulemia, drillium, Bauhaus (the band, not the movement) and Jean-Paul Sartre as my greatest interests. Of course at 14, I knew nothing in general, and even less about French philosophy, but that hardly [...]

The New Golf

Today someone pointed out that I spend more time at other friends’ bike shops than my own. This is true. It’s not that I find shops to be particularly interesting or intellectually or spiritually fulfilling, like I am supposed to. It’s that… after all this time, I have yet to experience the elusive satori, that [...]


It turns out, in fact, that moving the shop 2km northeast changes just about everything. Being across the street from Heritage is one thing. But being on a block with five yoga studios, well, that’s another thing altogether. Or maybe not. In fact, with each passing day, I think it might actually be the same thing. Over [...]

NAHBS 2014 Report

I was excited to visit Charlotte for the North American Handbuilt Bicycle Show. I’d last spent time in the beautiful city, also know as the Hornet’s Nest, in the mid 1990s. It was in the early autumn, and I remember very little beyond longing to join my friends on a couple of long rides out of [...]

Red Hook Crit 7 Report

“You’re just going to Red Hook to escape our nightmarish weather.” I would have partially agreed with that statement, at least before being greeted by three straight days of rain in Brooklyn. The conditions were blustery, wet, and grey - but none of that could dampen the Tatito spirit. In all, a dozen (or was [...]

Time for Skillz.

TATIPRIX is launching next month. It’s going to be totally sick and totally incorrect. Here’s a preview. TATIPRIX BUNDLE #002: “Rollers Zef” CONTENTS: (1) JET BLACK ROLLERS (1) IN THE CROSSHAIRS T-SHIRT (1) VINTAGE ROULEUR ISSUE (1) 4OZ TUB of CHOMPER BODY MUSCLE BUTTER That’s 4 timeless and classic Zef objects, delivered rapidly to your [...]

The Definitive Correct/Incorrect List for 2012

INCORRECT CORRECT Hydraulic Disc CX Drivetrains Paul Components Mini Motos Cat 2 Taking business advice from one’s cat Umbrella Girls Equal Payouts Free Speed Training Mad Fiber Campagnolo Bora Prolly Bianchista Saving Blue Letting Blue Die Brendan Quirk Tony Bustamante Rapha Pandani Fat Bikes Fat Cav Giro at Costco Roman Kreuzinger, Giro Stage 19. Specialized’s [...]

Serge Teaser

After five years of experimenting with the platform, Serge is ready for prime time and will be productized for 2013. Serge is a super Zef carbon road racing bike manufactured in Taiwan, assembled right here in Chicago, and hand painted to perfection down the road by Chester Cycles. It’s the latest model in the TATI Signature [...]

Mon Petit Malaise

Among the many stupid things I did in college in order to catch a cutie’s eye was read Émile Zola. My neighbor was signed up for a French lit class that included “Au Bonheur des Dames”, and, you know, in order to seem worldly and exude an effortless savoir faire, I figured one day that [...]

Pizza Boxes

Last week I finished up a some wheels for a new customer. He’d been pretty clear about what he wanted: Tune to 32h TB25s. In fact, he wanted two identical sets of these wheels. Both sets would get silver CX Rays and Veloflex Arenbergs. And brass nipples. The interesting thing was that the entire order [...]